Most of us have read books that leave us wanting more when we’ve turned the last page. ‘Come to the Edge’ by Christina Haag is such a book. Throughout its pages, the actress skillfully chronicles her life, which includes a passionate five-year love affair with John F. Kennedy, Jr., and a diagnosis of breast cancer at age forty four.

I agree with some reviewers that have taken the author to task for jumping around a bit too much, making it challenging at times to follow the storyline. But the writing is stellar and Haag offers the curious a fascinating, always respectful glimpse into the Kennedy’s privileged world without turning tabloid. She captures ‘John John’s’ unending, contagious and sometimes dangerous zest for life, and the excruciating pain of her own great loss. The result is a beautiful, haunting and tragic love story, and a great read.

One only the author could tell.