In honor of March is National Reading Month, which began on March 2nd with the Read Across America effort, here’s my short post of support.

Read to yourself, and to your children, often.

Through printed pages in our hands, we can easily and inexpensively escape and travel the world, learn about other cultures, educate ourselves on a wide range of subjects, find support for mental health, grief challenges and parenting, learn a new language, better understand our history and personal heritage, and help our children become more literate learners better prepared for brighter futures.

Not to mention all the fun we can have sharing Dr. Seuss and other children’s books with our kids.

Seems like a great way to spend some of our valuable time.

How about we honor and promote Book Love and reading not just in March, but all year long?

For more, visit: NATIONAL READING MONTH -March 2023 – National Today

Do you love books and reading, too?

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