Monday was my birthday.

So, I decided to wear a crown. Be a princess for the day.

If you can’t wear a crown on your birthday, when can you?

I didn’t wear it ALL day.

Unless you are a beauty pageant queen making a public appearance, that would have been a bit much.

I wore it long enough to get a photo and make a mini fashion statement.

So, here you go. A couple of fashion birthday shots.

A cute, comfy linen dress, part of great summer haul I got at Kali’s in Traverse City, Michigan.

And some cool, sassy shoes I ordered from Sundance Catalogue.

The other shot is of my trusty, bejeweled crown, which usually sits idly on my desk.

Just because I like seeing the possibility of pretty things.

What birthday fashion gear inspires you?

Do you ever wear a crown?

Monday fashion tongue firmly in cheek.

Just in case you were wondering.