For this week’s Sassy Fashionista post I am again embracing cool accessories.

In this case, a belt.

Not just any belt, but the Savannah Wide Buckle Belt with a Zinc-plated, antique-brass buckle from Soft

I admit it immediately caught my eye as I checked out the new spring catalogue, a women’s online clothing company from which I had never ordered anything.

I received lots of unsolicited-fashion catalogues, including from London.

After a quick glance thru the pages, most of them immediately get tossed into the recycle basket.

Unless something quickly that catches my fashion eye.

Like this belt.

At $129 plus tax, the piece gave me pause, especially since I usually purchase faux.

But when a first-purchase, customer-incentive coupon took the price below $100, I decided to give the belt and the company a try. It arrived in a timely manner and was well packaged, complete with a lovely thank you note and gift card for wine.

Impressive customer service.

It’s a lovely color, great width, and with that extra-cool buckle, a winning fashionista purchase. One I think will pay for itself in cost per wear in the future. I love it.

It you want to consider one for yourself, visit

Maybe you’ll get a welcome discount, too.

Always a plus.

Winter Images
Winter Images