If you are meant to write, and you don’t, it hurts your heart.”

-Anne LaMott

I don’t usually add commentary on my Wordsmith Wednesday blog.

I like to let other’s words speak to you with those posts. With words that impact my own life and dreams.

But today’s quote is a timely one that immediately struck a creative chord with me.

I am a writer and an author. It is one way I have defined myself professionally for decades.

It’s a thrill that never gets old.

But lately, I seem to be caught up in other wonderful creative professional projects that often leave little time for the business of being a writer.

I need to return to putting my butt in the chair. Chasing the muse and the silence and the rights words, not anything else.

And I’m feeling that deeply. Not doing it has hurt my heart and my soul, something I’d already been examining lately.

Today’s words come at the perfect time for me. They’ve reminded me, that not only do I love being a writer, but I need to get back to that solitary Wordsmith joy as soon as possible. It’s as important to me as breathing deeply, and I haven’t been doing enough that lately, either.

Thank you, Anne LaMott, for the valuable reminder, and for your writer’s words of wisdom. Turns out I’ve still got a few things left to say, too.

As a writer, with her butt firmly in the chair.