This week’s Sassy Fashionista has a twist.

A great smelling twist on fashion.

This week’s post is not about my outfit, which today is just comfy, closet favs.

Nothing new there, just celebrating what I already have.

A Monday lesson of its own.

Today, instead of sharing how fashion uplifts my creative spirits, and it does, I’m sharing how fragrance can do something similar.

Truth is, I’m not a perfume wearer. I often find the scents unnatural, too perfumy, too overwhelming, and I worry about how they impact those around me with various sensory and medical issues.

But I think I’ve found a good alternative. I smell extra good today.

If I do say so myself. And I do.

It’s all because of the wonderful LORANN Lemon Grass Essential Oil I am using as today’s perfume.

Smelling pungent lemons is known to help improve mood, and with every sniff of this one, I concur. Plus, few people are offended by lemons, right? And no side effects.

I got this bottle at my local wellness center, along with a bottle of Eucalyptus Oil, also good for your health, and for soothing naughty sinuses, which I also deal with.

You can find them pretty easily, including online, and most are affordable. They last a while, too, offering up good price per wear.

Smelling good while I’m working on writing deadlines today is truly helping me be even more productive. I feel a little extra sassy and energized.

Lemon Oil is sweet-smelling stuff. Ahhh…..

Try your favorite smell and see what it does for your mood, and for your health.

Happy, healthy Monday!

Are you a fan of essential oils?

As always, the rant and the photos are both my own. For now.