I understand far too well the excessive time demands that face most families of children with special needs. So I’m committed to doing my best to bring to your attention any timely, helpful and promising information that I run across regarding treatment options for a wide range of disabilities.

Here’s one brief sample.

This week, I discovered an interesting blurb in YOGA JOURNAL (Yogajournal.com). I admit that I love yoga and have practiced it on/off for many years (before it was cool to do so), but I’ll save that journey for another day’s blog… The information that I uncovered this week is worth sharing with those of you who face the daily challenges of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder/ADHD.

Written by Jenny Andrews, the piece reports that a 2006 German study found that kids taking drugs for ADHD may benefit significantly from yoga practice. These gains include helping children to develop increased powers of concentration- an important consideration with another school year just beginning. In my book, anything that may help children with special needs achieve greater educational/life success is worthy of further investigation.

I believe that yoga practice can be beneficial for a wide range of special needs, but I also believe that each individual needs to do their own research and decide if a particular resource option is right for their own child and family. To learn more about the benefits of yoga and ADHD, visit www.chadd.org– and be sure to let me know what you think by emailing me at JudyWinter.com. Here’s the link to the Andrews article: Yoga and ADHD.

I never get tired of hearing your success stories… they fuel me on.