Continuing my Monday Sassy Fashionista Fall-Fashion Preview with another lucky online-sales find.

One that came with a big fashion oops.

I‘ve been looking to add a new midi-length, stretchy but still-stylish black skirt for fall.

One that would feel at home with well-loved Birkie’s while the weather still allows, or with cold-weather fashion boots from ankle to over the knee.

I scratched that 2022 fashion itch when I took a chance on an Anthropologie sale skirt/tank set for a little less than half its original price.

I‘m always a little unsure that sales items online will be of quality, good fit and fabric.

I was delighted this cute set kind of surpassed my expectations.

With one exception.

The top still included the clunky round, black-sensor tag that no amount of spirited tugging will remove.

In short, I will have to go into a store to get it removed.

I thought about just leaving it on. It actually looks kind of cool because it’s black and funky and blends into the fabric.

But then I imagined setting off sensors every retail place I entered and having to explain to sassy sales reps that I wasn’t wearing hot goods.

If you know what I mean.

Which also means a trip to Anthro in person is now on the calendar.

Always a dangerous stop for me.

I’ll probably just send hubby in since he will be with me on that trip.

On the plus side of things, I love the skirt.

The fabric is good enough to wear in cooler weather. It will look great with a tank and sandals, or with a chunky fall sweater and boots.

It has a partial slip, so there’s no surprising peek a boo.

Adding a little side embellishment of loose belting and reasonable side slits gives it a cool factor, and allows one to walk upstairs with it on, making it a fashion winner.

Catch my fashion drift, Kim K?

It’s Anthropologie: The Shoales. Two Piece. Black. I got it in a medium. Comfy.

You can check out the sale section online if you’re interested.

You might get lucky like me.

Minus the sensory Oops….

I’m thinking I can use it to play witchy for Halloween, too.

Already have the hat and broom.

But that’s for another sassy blog another day.

Fashion tongue in holiday chic.

Is a long black skirt something that you find useful in your wardrobe year-round, too?

Let me know in the comments below.

No email or first born required.

Reminder: My objective fashion rants, and photography are my own.

For now.