Dear Moms!

Forgive me!

I meant to say Happy Mother’s Day to all of you yesterday on what was the official day of celebration. But my own celebrating got in the way!

So here is my slightly late tribute to all those hard-working moms, especially those who take on the challenges of addressing a child’s special needs. What an amazing bunch of worker bees you are– too often underappreciated and undervalued, and certainly underpaid. Yet what you do each day is critically important to the healthy growth and development of the world’s children.

It’s a mighty big job, with big responsibilities. You must endure the sometimes harsh judgement by others certain that the job could have/should have been done better. Motherhood is not for the faint of heart…especially when your child has special needs.

As I’ve traveled the country extensively the past year promoting my book, I have been honored and blessed to meet some of the most amazing women. They are passionate, gutsy moms who are facing their children’s challenges head with deep love and amazing determination. I believe that mothers who work hard to raise their children with (or without) special needs to feel loved, valued and a true part of this world are the best moms that anyone will find anywhere. They inspire me. Some even make it look super easy. You and I know darn well that it’s anything but.

Well-deserved kudos for a job well done can be tough to come by much of the year, making Mother’s Day extra special. My own mother passed away just a few months after my son was born. Talk about lousy timing… There were so many moments during those early parenting challenges that I could have used her support and wisdom. Still could.

Many years have come and gone, but I still miss my mom. There’s nothing quite like having a loving, supportive, and good smelling mommy in your corner, especially when life takes a particularly tough, unexpected (even stinky) life turn. If mom’s a good cook, that’s even better! Try hard never to take your mom for granted. Savor all her hugs and kisses and unwarranted advice, and her cooking (for better or worse), while she’s still here. Because a mother’s absence, and the resulting loud silence, may be realized much sooner than you expect, and you can never change that harsh reality.

My hat’s off to each and everyone of you for the demanding, sacred role that you play in the lives of your children each day. My applause might be a day late, but then I believe moms should be recognized and celebrated every single day for the remarkable parenting loads they carry so well. Rather than being late, consider my words a well-deserved extension of yesterday’s all-too-short celebration!

Huge thanks for all you do, because Moms Rock!

Happy Mother’s Day!
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