I was hoping to have my recent December interview about special needs holiday tips before now, but better late than never. Hopefully, this will provide you with on-going support for all those future gatherings/celebrations. It’s not seen during this interview, but my book’s title is, ‘Breakthrough Parenting for Children with Special Needs: Raising the Bar of Expectations.’ I’m also an expert contributor to the book, ‘Easy to love but Hard to Raise: Real Parents, Challenging Kids, True Stories.’ My words also appear in the book, ‘A Special Kind of Love: For Those Who Love Children with Special Needs,’ and in dozens of newspapers/magazine columns and features, both in print and online. Reminder, that you can also access most of my new posts on Facebook. Facebook Page-Special Needs

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Holiday Tips and Special Needs Families

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Special Needs Families/Judy Winter-Author

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