Ravens Superfan, Matthew Jeffers, Gives Powerful Perspective on Super Bowl XLVII and On Life and Helps Redefine Disability

“The only disability in life, is a bad attitude.” -Matthew Jeffers

As Super-Bowl Sunday approaches and the yearly sports furor escalates to new heights, here’s some perspective from Baltimore Ravens superfan Matthew Jeffers, a 21-year-old acting student and senior at Townsend State University in Maryland. 

Jeffers, who is short statured, has boldly faced many tough life challenges and is now facing one more. His mother may be dying. Jeffers recently sent an e-mail entitled, ‘A Reason to Win,’ to Ravens Head Coach, John Harbaugh, hoping to fuel his team on to victory. Jeffer’s words got the coach’s attention big time. If the Ravens win on Sunday, they should offer a special thanks to Jeffers, who just may have provided the team with that special extra something and golden motivation needed to win it all. 

Everybody should view Jeffers powerful message. It’s better than the Super Bowl commercials. Yes, it is. The media is all over this feel-good story. You’ll be hearing more.

Thank you, Matthew Jeffers, for putting the game of life into perspective so beautifully.

Click here to watch the Ravens superfan  deliver his powerful words/performance.

A star is born, one focused on ability.