Monday Mini Rant: 

A couple of days ago, I viewed a great video piece about a young man with special needs. Overall, it was well reported and powerful. But, as too often is the case, it also included an introduction to the story that included the words, ‘the man ‘suffers’ from….. (name of his disability). An unnecessary, negative word that detracted from otherwise good reporting. It also suggests an air of pity.

So here’s my reminder to the media. Please, try to refrain from using the word ‘suffer’ or ‘suffering’ whenever you are reporting on or writing about someone with special needs. 

How do you know they are suffering?

Better to simply say/report that the person has…..(name of condition), rather than suffers with…..
Please, lose the emotional, lacking-in-objectivity embellishment, one which may or may not be accurate. Thank you!

Monday Mini Rant over.  

Special Note: Here’s an Article I penned a while back to help your further understand why such word usage is especially sensitive to many families facing the challenges of special needs parenting. 

When you know better, you do better.