Brief update to the post below and others like it, Sometimes I’m asked if publicly addressing/flogging such naughty behaviors only adds to the person’s fame/name/time in the media spotlight. In this case, I don’t think Joan Rivers needs my help with fame. She’s already got it.

What people sometimes don’t fully understand about my work is that one of the big responsibilities I’ve taken on as a special needs advocate/writer is to not remain silent, always shake it off, join in the nervous snickering and then quietly go away when the special needs population is insulted or worse. Whether or not the person in question ever apologizes isn’t the point. Although, if they do, it’s a bonus.

I boldly speak up in hope of bringing greater awareness, sensitivity, understanding and much-needed intelligent conversation about those with special needs to help counter the on-going perpetuation of deep-seated ignorance, stereotypes and insulting behaviors about disability that exist today. I bring words to light and examine them. That’s part of my job and I hope my actions help give others permission to speak up, generate valuable conversation and become effective advocates in their own way.

In short, I believe strongly that:
Saying nothing. 
Doing nothing. 
Changes nothing. 

And changing nothing goes against everything my passionate work/advocacy of the past twenty years stands for. So, expect more calling-them-out mini rants from me in the future. I call it balancing things out and working loudly for needed change.  You can agree or disagree with what I write. 

My hope is you’ll raise your voices where needed, too. There’s already way too much silence.

Tuesday a.m. Mini Rant: Special Needs Slap on the Head to Joan Rivers, always focused on rudely bullying everyone with her nasty tongue. 

In recapping 2013 Grammy fashion hits/misses on E’s Fashion Police, Rivers slams one artist wearing a dress she doesn’t like by saying: “She looks like the Homecoming Queen for the Special Olympics.” Yes, she said that.

In a world increasingly focused on the devastating effects of bullying, why does E/Fashion Police think this woman and her rude, hurtful digs add anything to this show? I just turn it off.

You can do better, E.

You, too, Joan Rivers. You’re old enough to know better.