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Is Gaga 24-K Golden??

To-Get-You-Talking Thursday: 
First, let me say I like Lady Gaga. I think’s she incredibly talented and does a lot of good speaking up for many who otherwise feel they have no voice or can’t get it heard. She’s not afraid to makes waves and gets people talking. She fights bullying, all of which I like. 

She celebrates and embraces vast differences. Me, too.

Gaga’s got tongues a wagging today over her new 24-K Gold wheelchair. Some have taken her to task for glamorizing disabilities, which doesn’t bother me as much as it does some others.Why? Because I think all that talk about Gaga being Gaga, complete with chair choice, glamorous or not, helps create more media awareness and big talk for the special needs cause. That’s always good.

Might all the ruckus even help normalize wheelchair use a bit?

My immediate reaction to this new Gaga story? The gold and all those other expensive special needs bells and whistles could have paid for many simpler wheelchairs for regular folks who can’t afford one or whose insurance request is denied. 

That’s where I take offense. 

Perhaps Gaga will consider contributing $$$$ to organizations that help purchase chairs for those in need or perhaps purchase a few herself. That would be Gaga cool.

Your reactions, Little Monsters and the rest of the world?

Photo above: Reality check. A more common sight? A chariot without all the bling and a ride that’s not temporary.

Here’s the story.