Challenging the Ladies of The Talk to Talk about Yesterdays’ R-Word Controversy;

Here’s what I posted at The Talk’s Facebook page. You can add your voice, too. Please, speak up.

As an author/speaker/activist on special needs issues, I was hoping you chatty ladies of ‘The Talk’ would address yesterday’s R-word/Felicity Huffman controversy and your own lack of response to it after it happened on air. Unfortunately, you chose not to do so and instead spent time high fiving yourselves over your Emmy nominations (congrats, by the way). 

But I, and many others who care deeply about and advocate for the special needs population, are more than a little disappointed at your avoidance of the subject, especially since you do such a great job addressing other important human rights issues/topics.  This topic is no less important. 

We’ve come a long way regarding awareness and coverage of disability rights, but we’ve a long way to go as supported by your silence. Perhaps you’ll revisit this R-word discussion//controversy in one of your upcoming programs. One can hope.

You have the voices to do so and it’s a discussion worthy of your talk time.

So please, ladies, get talkin.

Here, once again, is a prior piece I wrote about why I find R-word use so offensive and hurtful and why I, like millions of others, advocate for not using the terminology. Only the names of the offenders have changed.