My Response to the Heated Whoopi Goldberg/Bill Mahrer/Sarah Palin R-Word Controversy

I don’t have the energy today to get in the middle of the Whoopi Goldberg/Bill Maher/Sarah Palin r-word controversy, so I’ll just share a ramble I wrote last year on this very topic. 

I now share these emotional, heartfelt words whenever this controversy rears it’s less-than-pretty head. I do so in the hope it creates greater understanding and increased awareness of why the word is so offensive to millions of people worldwide, and why it has now been replaced with the word Intellectual Disability. 

By sharing, it’s my attempt to further educate and be an effective special needs change agent, cause that’s how I roll. 

You can read my rant here.

Only the names have changed.

Here’s a little background info for you, too, to bring you up to speed.