John Agar crosses the finish line at the 2013 Ludington Lighthouse Triathlon with support of family and friends and pure determination. Photo by Judy Winter 2013. All rights reserved.

After walking across the finish line of the 2013 Ludington Lighthouse Triathlon, John Agar experiences joy. Photo Judy Winter 2013. All righs reserved.


My Michigan buddy, John Agar, walked across the finish line of the Ludington Lighthouse Triathlon in Ludington, Michigan last Sunday. 

No small feat.

John has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair to get around most days. He walked the last mile of this race, as he has others, and crossed the finish line with the support of his family and a walker. 

That’s John’s proud dad on the right.

ESPN was there filming John’s story for an upcoming feature.

John Agar is a remarkable young athlete. 

John wouldn’t be where he is today without the dedicated and loving support of his remarkable family. They never doubt his value.

What goals are you setting for your child, and yourself, today?

If you want to include your child in races/triathlons, here’s a great resource to help you do just that.