To begin your Island adventure, most people (including me) take one of three ferry lines that depart daily from St. Ignace or Mackinaw City (note: the city and the Island are spelled differently but both are pronounced MackiNAW).

Photos: (from top) Shepler’s Mackinac Island Ferry personnel prepare the boat to hightail it to the Island from its dock at Mackinaw City. Shepler’s also offers popular lighthouse tours throughout the summer. The Star Line’s Hydro Jet Ferry proudly boasts 35 foot Rooster Tails! Delivering tired fudgies home at the end of a fulfilling Island day, and passing by the historic Round Island Lighthouse, is the Arnold Transit Co.

All will get you to your destination. Regardless of your choice, get your cameras and camcorders ready for great shots of the Mackinac Bridge (also pronounced MackiNAW) aka Mighty Mac!

Sorry to leave you waiting at the dock, Fudgies (the term of endearment for tourist who buy, eat and ship a whole lot of the famous Island fudge!). I should have posted this travel info on Day One!

Better late than never!
Photos by Judy Winter 09