Attention all you writers and wanna be authors out there!

There’s still time to sign up for the Maui Writers Conference retreat and/or conference held Labor Day weekend. According to the official MWC website, New York Times bestselling author John Saul calls this ‘simply the best writing conference in the world.’

Lots of other talented and accomplished people in the writing/publishing world seem to agree. The organizers are especially skilled at attracting accomplished, and yes, even famous individuals representing a wide range of genres, including fiction, nonfiction, scriptwriting, publishing, etc.

Access to top agents and publishers (for a fee) is always a big draw, making it easy for starry eyed writers to get caught up in the intoxication of an exciting, face-to-face career opportunity. It may help lessen the sting of rejection if you understand upfront that few writers will leave with an agent or book deal in hand. Fact is, many writers and their works may not be ready yet. Still, the opportunity to get top-notch professional feedback on your work is priceless, and yes, it can be life changing for some. My advice is to listen carefully to professional feedback that can help make your work even stronger and increasingly marketable.

The MWC has been especially good to me, and I’ve always had a fantastic time while attending, especially once I’ve learned to slow down the pace (it’s way too hot to multi task there, something the locals discourage anyway!). True, I found my agent at the MWC and a book deal soon followed. But I have also benefited from many terrific sessions and outstanding guest speakers. In addition, the professional comaraderie shared easily among the writers in attendance pays off handsomely in lingering professional inspiration (and valuable contacts) throughout the year. I have also formed some cherished, lasting friendships.

Unfortunately, a previous commitment will keep me away from the enchanting Island this year. But I will be in Maui in spirit. Once you have gone, it’s hard not to remember the experience fondly.

The MWC is a motivating, inspiring, at times electric experience that improves each year, one worthy of the investment. It’s an event I highly recommend, and the views alone are pure inspiration! You can find out more at

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