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WELCOME, 2022!! 

Clean slate! New choices! Dream big!

I’m looking forward to chasing some new big dreams and writing projects, while continuing the fight for better awareness/acceptance, respect, resources, and education for kids with disabilities. Support for their families, too.

This website/blog is long overdue for an update, work that is underway as we speak. But there’s lots of good info on here, too. Check it out!

Continue to visit my professional Facebook page, too, where I post resources, important disability and inspiring stories daily. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram, too. Just click the links in the upper corners on the website pages.

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…And don’t forget to get a copy of my book: Breakthrough Parenting for Children with Special Needs: Raising the Bar of Expectations. You can find it at (click the book image on the left) and other booksellers, including thru your independent local bookstores. My favs.

Still timely. Still helpful. That’s my hope, anyway.

All for now. Thanks for visiting!

P.S. What big goals are you chasing in the New Year? 

Be fearless.