I might have declared in a former post that I wasn’t going to buy anymore coats this season and that I had already found my once-a-year coat beauty.

Then I saw this one.

A lovely lavender, furry beauty I just couldn’t resist.

I tried. I really did.

It actually found me in a Facebook ad. I hate those ads. But this one worked.

It’s from Anthropologie. A Faux Fur Duster Jacket.


Also known as a Teddy Coat, this one is fully lined, including the silky pockets.

With snaps instead of buttons, which I’ve come to really like.

Easy Peasy.

Sometimes I act extra dramatic because I can easily take it off and throw it on a chair!

Like a little fashion drama queen.

I will most likely wear it open, not closed, so I don’t look like a full-figured lavender bear. Nothing against adorable, full-figured bears. Just not a good look on this human.

This sweet outerwear is also available in a peach color, which tempted me, too.

But even I have fashion and monetary limits.


At least that’s what I tell my hubby.

He doesn’t believe it, either.

I usually budget for at least one winter coat per year, as I did this year.

I love coats. They are one of my few true fashion weaknesses. I collect them like pieces of art. But I choose very carefully and very thoughtfully. And I wear them, too.

Then, when I find “The One!” I don’t think I can live without (I can), I donate one or two of my other gently loved coats to a worthy cause. One that gives directly to the new wearer, so we both get to feel warm and stylish. Fashion win-win.

At $168 plus tax, this Sassy Fashionista find is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive coat available. It is however, the one I immediately feel in love with and the one that fit my 2023 coat budget of under $200. Runs large. Size down. I got a Medium.

I will love it forever!

You can still find it in both colors at www.anthropologie.com.

They really should give me a discount for all the times I highlight their goods.

No more coats for me this year!!!!

That’s a Monday Sassy Fashionista 2023/24 coat-wrap promise!


Are you looking to add a new winter coat to your closet this year?