For this week’s Garden Moments, I found myself celebrating a satisfying yearly ritual. I took some end-of-season floral gems from my beloved summer garden and used them to turn my outside summer wreaths into transformed fall darlings.

It’s sustainable, affordable, and a great way to further showcase the flowers that have given us so much joy and beauty all summer long.

They deserve so much more than a quick rude toss into a yard-waste trash can.

My largest wreath, showcased proudly on our front porch, got today’s creative transitional-wreath treatment first. I chose two varieties of hydrangeas, a handful of sunflowers, and some lovely little Black-Eyed Susans, all past their prime.

I used landscaping wire (something this creative/gardener can’t live without) to attach the floral sweeties to the current wreath, trying to ensure that when November gale winds start blowing, they will stay put.

I must say (I must) that I was both a happy girl while making these seasonal changes and an equally happy girl viewing the end result. I also liked saving a lot of money on a new wreath, while making do with what gifts I already had in my hands.

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The result was longer life for some lovely garden friends, and a stunning wreath for the fall season. One that should be good until it’s time for that annual, fragrant holiday greenery. Some of which will also come from my own yard.

I hate saying goodbye to my garden flowers, which makes gardening recycling with them extra sweet.

Do you make your own wreaths using your garden gems?

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