I’m taking a break from sharing all my new fall fashion finds for this week’s Sassy Fashionista, to showcase a transitional seasonal outfit from fashion goods purchased in the past.

In short, I’m shopping from my closet, especially since fall in the Midwest has been a bit warm and humid still.

It’s easy to get caught up in fashion fever, especially this time year, and think you can’t possibly live without all those exciting and beautiful new pieces.

Been there. Done that. Costly.

Don’t be fooled. You can.

Instead, stop and check out what’s already in your closet and see how you can max out the pieces you already own with some carefully selected new gems. Get more bang for your fashion bucks, and make your choices count.

That includes checking out vintage and less pricey retail places like T.J, Maxx, Target, and amazon, which increasingly offer name-brand fashion goods. It’s a great way to fill out your wardrobe affordably, especially if like most people, your budget is limited.

That said, this week I’m featuring a simple, it-still-feel-like-summertime outfit to hold me over until fall temps finally drop. Which I hope is soon because I really love fall clothing and want to wear all those sweaters and skirts and boots. Please cool off.

Sorry, not sorry, summer groupies!

Today, I’m wearing a simple beige Express tank (love their pieces- affordable with coupons, well made with good fabric, and stylish), with an expensive, much-loved blue cotton skirt I finally got on sale mid-summer, a faux-leather belt with big buckle I purchased earlier this year from Anthropologie, and some cute blush-colored footwear I scored last year. That makes up this week’s sassy style.

You can never go wrong making simple, stylish, smart and comfortable fashion choices. Plus, I will also add a sweater or sweatshirt and ankle boots to this one when the temp finally takes a dive for even greater cost per wear.

There is something surprisingly freeing about not having so many clothes in your closet, while making the ones you do have work well.

How about you? Have you been shopping your closet lately?

Watch out for all those hidden gems.

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