For this week’s Sassy Fashionista, I took some of the items I featured last week for upcoming travel and switched them up with some new gear.

September is a month of transitional dressing. Nothing too warm, yet. But I find that I often need a long-sleeve top or sweater to fight off any chill in the morning air.

If you checked out last week’s post, you would note that I was wearing a lot of black. I love black. Simple. Sophisticated, and goes with most any color. But I need to shake it up from time to time. I often do that with accessories.

This week, I have added a long-sleeve girly blouse and a new brown crossbody bag to the outfit. I am obsessed with brown this fall.

The blouse is an Anthro purchase from early summer, and the purse is from an online consignment store I visit for extra good deals on high-end purses and accessories. If you are patient and very careful in your selections, and have the necessary budget, there are some great finds at

But truth be told, I spend much more time checking out the goods and getting fashion ideas than I do actually buying, because most of it is way outside my budget.

Still, it’s fun to look and dream. Right, Sassy Fashionistas?

Do you have a favorite color that you are obsessed this fall?

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