This week’s Sassy Fashionista is a bit of a throwback to a time when Coach purses first came onto the fashion scene.

Remember that?

I recall being a little obsessed with them. But they were a bit out of my fashion-price range then. I also didn’t care for all the branding on them. I don’t like feeling like I am paying good money to become a walking billboard for my fashion goodies.


Fast forward several years after the brand had seemed to fall a bit out of favor a bit with people focused on higher luxury brand names like Chanel, Prada, LV, and many others, and Coach seems to be having a big rebirth as a purse darling.

The quality of these purses has always been solid, especially given the reasonable price point. But the earlier focus on its loud brand labeling had turned me off. That has since changed a bit. I’m happy to see the brand is now more quietly branded with some of its offerings, including this lovely and practical soft, large, tote.

When this one came across my feed, I was immediately fixated on it, especially given the gray-blue coloring of the piece, one of my current fashion color fixations. The fact I’d been looking for a more affordable tote after becoming increasingly shocked by the outrageous prices of so many popular designer and leather bags, helped capture my attention, too.

In short, I was in the market for one.

In this case, I immediately ordered the bag from It came wrapped beautifully, an online customer-service bonus, especially given the fact that the UPS box the bag came in looked like it had been through a truck-packaging war.

Surprisingly, the innards were unruffled.

The bag’s color, quilted fabric, and easy weight are all beautiful and solid. It has leather handles and an inside pocket. One of the common reviews against the bag, which many people are raving about, is that the bag has no outward zipper close, just a snap.

In these days of increasing concern about the very real risk of bag/content theft and targeting while traveling, this is a point well taken, and others complained it’s hard to keep up on your shoulders (I’ll weigh in on that down the road). But for the purpose of everyday carting around of purse basics, including a small computer while heading to a local cafe to work, this one will work well for me. Can wipe it clean easily, too.

The original price on this bag was $275. I got it in Iris Blue with a promotion that made it around $160. Currently, this bag is offered online at 40 percent off, making it a reasonable price point for a good tote.

Given the brand name, I’m pretty confident I will be able to resell it down the line if I decide to part with it one day. Unless I pass it down to my fashionable daughter.

Fact is, Sassy Fashionistas, Coach is always in fashion, even when it seems like it’s not.

It’s just one of those lasting brands. In large part due to great quality.

That, I applaud.

This tote will provide good price per wear, and it will be a welcome addition to my purse collection, which I like to keep fairly small and increasingly functional and sustainable.

Silly me.

Are you a past or current owner of a Coach bag? What do you like most about the brand?

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