The older I get, the more I crave simple fashion.

This week’s Sassy Fashionista is all about that kind of fashion.

Elegant. Stylish. Affordable. Even hip.

But simple. Easy dressing. With flair.

For me, that means easy pieces that have impact without requiring a ton of detailed thought and styling.

Simple outfits that look like you at least tried to dress well. Ones that also fuel my inner creative gypsy and writer’s muse. Pretty. I like pretty, too. But not frilly or Barbie pretty.

I’m talking easy dresses and skirts, comfortable trousers and shorts, with simple tops, accented by stylish, quality coats and accessories.

Think high-low fashion with a bit of Parisian flair.

Always fun to style.

This week, that means a long, silky, perfect skirt from in one of my favorite brown-tone shades. My current fav, although green is now a close second.

Not only does this piece wear easy and fall elegantly, it’s just $98. Which when you’re looking for a piece that can serve multiple purposes: casual flair with a simple tank and Birkies for a sultry summer day, but also works with a cool oversized leather blazer or silk blouse and heels for a business meeting or elegant evening soiree, this one is a terrific, affordable choice.

In short, stylish AND price-per-wear gold.

Fashion amen.

If $98 is too rich for your budget, these simple skirts are available everywhere at a wide price range and offer something for everyone. Hopefully.

I love the fit and look and quality of this particular skirt so much that I also bought it in black and red, because I know this is a style I will reach for often, including in the fall with oversized cable-knit sweaters and boots.

For this styling, I just added a simple, open-weave black sweater from my closet to help ward-off the spring chill that continues to make its cooler-weather presence known. It’s easy on and easy off. Keeping with the easy fashion theme.

Easy-peasy dressing with an elastic waist. I’ve added an art-fair necklace and two of my fav silver rings here, including a recent T.J. Maxx heart-shaped ring that I love and recently saw with a designer name at a MUCH higher price on Instagram (score!) and I’m good to go. Anywhere!

Well, maybe not hiking or swimming. But I’ve Athleta gear for those activities.

I love feminine skirts and dresses, as long as they are Easy. Stylish. Affordable Cool.

My summer, and my life, is all about that now. Especially freeing. But still a cool factor.

It’s just another way this creative gypsy expresses her creative self.

All good.

What are your favorite summer fashion choices these days?

In short, what kind of fashion makes you feel your best?

Wear that, Sassy Fashionistas.

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