Today’s Sassy Fashionista theme is simple.

Warm sweater. Warm pants. Warm boots.

‘Tis the season for warmth, especially if you live where winter means brrr…

More recently, I’ve become a fan of simpler cold-weather fare, instead of just sporting bulky knits and big snow pants that make me feel awkward and rustle when I walk.

I want a toasty outfit I can wear inside while baking without melting, before heading outside to walk my dog and create holiday razzle dazzle in my yard/garden when temps suddenly turn icy cold.

This simple Saturday outfit does both these things.

I purchased the soft, cashmere sweater in this lovely shade of blue from Anthropologie at the beginning of fall. The stylish UGG boots from are a more recent addition. Love the thick tread on them for walking on ice. (Only a matter of time). The Athleta Polar Flare Pants with two deep pockets are a recent purchase. They’re sleek, stylish, and comfortable, and you guessed it, toasty.

One big reason I haven’t always been a big fan of winter chill is because I’ve believed winter clothes meant focusing more on bulk and warmth and less on style. But with an increasing retail/designer focus on meeting the demand for all-day/all-season and stylish athletic wear, I’ve found myself adding more such pieces to my own wardrobe. It has now changed the way I dress all year long.

I’m loving the cold-weather seasonal change!

It makes me a happier and more Sassy Winter Fashionista, one more willing to turn off endless Netflix binging and go outside to frolic. That’s good for my health and my mood.

Are you a big fan of athletic wear for wintertime, too?

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