I’m back to loving accessories for this week’s Sassy Fashionista!

This time, it’s more jewelry. More silver jewelry to be exact.

More silver jewelry from a talented artisan at yet another art festival.

One brimming with talented artists.

One of my favorite places to find more cool rings.

On this particular day, I was in search of a special piece of jewelry to celebrate a recent professional accomplishment.

I was there on a mission, and when I go searching for festive jewels, especially rings, it almost always means silver.

While I’ve misplaced the card that tells the artist’s name and social networking (I’ll keep looking), I can assure you that making this purchase from this artist was a great idea. I actually got not one, but two silver rings. One of similar design (which I love) also sported some gold, as you can see in one of these photos.

The silver/gold ring first captured my attention. But when the artist made me a deal to purchase the same ring without the gold, too, I was hooked. In part, because I often wear several rings at once, and I thought wearing one of each of these on each hand would be cool. And I knew they would be on repeat over and over.

They are already, and it’s a purchase that reminds me of a sweet professional achievement each time I wear it. I mean, them. It wasn’t cheap. But worth it.

This Sassy Fashionista is always in the mood for sporting rings, no matter how casually I might otherwise be dressed. Especially if that hand jewelry is silver.

Are you a ring girl, too?