This past Saturday, the weather took a big fall Sassy Fashionista turn.

Finally! Been waiting for this cooler weather!

It was chilly and damp and it felt like fall.

It smelled like fall, with that rich and earthy aroma of a man’s best manly cologne.

Love that musky smell.

The colors were fall like, too. Brilliant yellows and reds and oranges all carefully orchestrated by Mother Nature for maximum impact on this fall fashionista who was sporting a camera. Always.

There was Crayola madness to be captured.

It was simply beautiful.

I adore fall, and this day was the beginning of that extraordinary season for real.

So, I dressed accordingly.

Even put away the black, summer Birkies (finally), and reluctantly put on real shoes.

Because it was too cold for even my tough, Hippie-like summer toes.

In keeping with my current shopping-from-my-closet mandate, my outfit included cuffed jeans purchased earlier this year from Anthropologie, the black, long-sleeved layering shirt and small brown purse from The Sak that I got during my $100 T.J. Maxx haul two weeks ago, a colorful, fall-like coat from Sundance catalogue purchased three years ago that still looks fresh, and well-worn, comfy leather ankle boots purchased four years ago from some toney local shoe store.

Plus, I added a bright, warm hat to help ward off any overly excited hunters in the woods. Always a good decision this time of year.

I think it all works!

I may be getting this shop-from-your-closet thing down for real.

Which makes me feel a little bit sassier than usual, and slightly more fiscally responsible. Hope I can keep up this new fashion-freedom-buzz in the future.

I’m sure going to try.

Have you been taking a closer look at all the goods already in your closet before spending more cash? Any success?

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