This was my relaxed Saturday Sassy Fashionista Vibe, which I’m sharing with you today.

I rarely wear jeans anymore.

I find most of them uncomfortable, not very flattering, and too hot in warm, humid weather. I prefer newer pant choices that include style and comfort over torturing my innards. In fact, I just took a whole load of like-new jeans to consignment. I finally came to the conclusion that I wasn’t going to wear them, no matter how much I spent on them or how long I stared at them in my closet. I kept one blue pair.

Be gone with you, heavy denim!!

I did make an exception for these grey Express jeans, a recent purchase in a color I had been wanting to add to my closet for little while now. I do like these.

The secret was to choose stretchy fabric and size up.

The result is a slouchy, more comfortable and relaxed fit perfect for a lazy Saturday, when all I planned to do was clean my house and watch my alma mater try to advance in the NCAA Tourney.


Other than the jeans and a lovely, oversized, butterfly ring in silver from T.J. Maxx (I find the best jewelry there!!), nothing else here is new. I’m getting really good at shopping my closet. It’s kind of a like a new fashion game I keep winning at.

Except I did just order a bunch of cool spring/summer stuff online… Not planning to keep it all; just the I-can’t-live-without-you pieces. And in my defense, I did just take a huge closet haul to consignment. So, there is room….

I’ll share my new spring/summer finds soon. But no more jeans for this Sassy Fashionista!

Unless I find the perfect pair of classic and vintage 501 jeans. That might be a game changer.

How about you. Are you still a jean’s fangirl?

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