You may have noticed that I’ve been slightly behind on my fashion updates.

My bad.

Truth is I’ve been busy traveling for the exciting film-festival release of our terrific new documentary, Camp RicStar. More about that here. Camp Ricstar – Film Documentary – Judy Winter

I finally got a minute to get back to this blog. Just in time for promoting spring gear.

It’s that time of year for this Sassy Fashionista when I quit adding anything new for fall/winter to my closet.

I’m over that season. Way over it.

Instead, I’m in love with all things spring.

How about you?

For me, that seasonal-change focus means adding a few special pieces that I can’t resist, while also doing a doublecheck on what I already have in my closet from years past. Something that keeps me from overspending and duplicating fashion effort. A good thing to learn.

This week, I am wearing a pair of black Athleta joggers purchased last year, a favorite beaded necklace, also from the past, a black belt from my closet, and a new Anthropologie girly blouse in a lovely green shade. I already had it in white and liked it so much for the warmer days ahead, that I purchased this one, too. I know I will get lots of wear out of both. Cute. Lightweight. Goes with a lot. Easy wear. Pretty affordable as girly blouses go. Still available as far I know.

The b/w duster swing coat is for those remaining chilly days, and there will still be plenty of those. It’s a great Free People indulgence from last year. I love it!

Finally, I’m sporting fav big-buckle Birkies (from closet) in brown with short socks, because I still have an injured ankle, and this is all I can wear for now. I like to think I’m making it cool to wear Birkenstocks with socks.

It’s all in your fashion attitude, people.

Never take fashion or yourself too seriously.

Simple additions. Closet shopping. My spring haul is now underway.

Responsibly, and hopefully, more sustainably.

Happy early spring, Sassy Fashionistas!

All the fashion fun is just beginning!!

What spring items are you most excited to add to your wardrobe?

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