I love rainy days.

Inspired by the sights and sounds of rain, these are the moments when I get my best creative work done.

I’m not talking monsoon rains that overload gutters and wash good things away.

I’m talking rain that is gentle and soothing and provides a needed celebratory drink to my thirsty plants.

It has been a strange spring and summer so far in the Midwest.

Late spring delivered almost no rain and lots of chilly days that threatened late frost and had me covering up plants more than one late-spring evening.

Warm temps were very slow to arrive. Mid June warmth is a late arrival.

But when your state, and many others, suddenly find themselves facing an early summer drought that threatens the season and the hard-working farmer’s crops, it’s time to do a rain dance.

In my head anyway.

The past couple of days we finally, got a few wished-for downpours, and now everything looks relieved, healthier and happier. Greener and less dusty, too.

As I went out into the garden this morning filled with awe for Mother Nature, I swear I heard my flowers giggling slightly as I gently picked a dewy bouquet and shook off the excess moisture.

Refreshing rain can be a beautiful thing for refreshing your garden, and your soul.

Thank you, Mother Nature, for these treasured early summer Garden Moments.

Nothing but gratitude for all the gifts that await me each time I venture out.

It’s the only way to live.

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