I’m usually not a fan of oversized fashion, mainly because I’m petite and bigger cuts tend to swallow me up. In short. I look like a little kid playing dress up in her mommy’s closet. I’m way too old for that.

All that said, last week I tried on a beautiful blue oversized Maeve blazer in store that I had been eyeing online. I have to give props to Maeve. They’ve been killing it this season. I have purchased several of their pieces and been tempted by even more.

Good thing I waited to try this one on.

Not only did I fall in love with this piece, but I also had to size down to an XS/S to make it work. I would have ordered a medium, which would have been way too big.

This is a beautiful, classy piece with lovely fabric, a lining with a dash of blue/white stripes, kick pleats in the back, and it doesn’t wrinkle. Never a good look. It does, however, require dry cleaning. So, I will be extra careful wearing it, especially since the last blue blazer I owned years ago and adored was permanently ruined when I spilled a cup of extra-hot green tea on it. Sadly, there was no saving that one.

I will wear this with shorts (as you see here), with rolled up sleeves at times (highlighting the stripes), a slip dress, boots or sandals or heels, skinny jeans, and possible at times, a belt, which really helps if you are uncomfortable with the larger look.

I’m glad I was open to trying it on. But if oversized just isn’t for you, you might want to pass on this gem entirely. This is an item that will be on repeat for me for a long time. In fact, I like it so much, I was planning on ordering it today in the tan version. But I waited too long and that one is already gone.

I scored this at Anthropologie for $149 bucks, which given the quality is a pretty good deal for a stylish blazer. Good price for Anthro, too.

Making this another happy edition of Sassy Fashionista.

Are you a fan of the oversized look? Or is it just not your fashion thing?

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