It was bound to happen.

Frosty weather that takes out what’s left of those sacred summer Garden Moments.

We’ve had a warm fall with lovely fall colors, and flowers are still boldly blooming in my garden. Until today, when the evidence of frost became all too visible.

I knew the endless summer couldn’t last forever.

Even the lightest frost begins to take its toll, and with snow in the Halloween forecast, I knew I had one more fleeting chance to salvage a last Hydrangea bouquet before it was all over until next year.

The Hydrangeas have been especially generous and beautiful this year. I am so grateful for all the wonderful vases of flowers I was able to enjoy from their endless summer gifts.

This time of year, I always try to grab a few more branches and dry them, hoping I can keep their magic in my heart throughout the dreary and cold winter to come.

Today was that 2023 opportunity.

And I took full advantage.

Screw the pending flurries. My babies are safe and sound indoors now, and that will help make sweet summer memories last just a little bit longer.

Do you save cuttings from your summer gardens to bring indoors?

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