This week’s Sassy Fashionista has a twist.

As in a natural bit of bling.

As in beautiful roses and natural stones in my rings.

Kind of fun to take on a different fashion focus, while repeating an outfit worn recently.

This lovely, midi black & white striped skirt from Anthropologie has a heavier fabric feel to it, making it a little too hot and sultry to wear it much lately. I’ve featured it on this blog before. But it’s been waiting patiently in my closet until today, when suddenly cooler July temps and lower humidity finally hit, and wearing it again just felt right. I’ve again paired it with a simple black tank to stay cool for those unpredictable temp changes throughout the day.

Today I was feeling especially creative in my dressing (and I wanted to capture some images), so this on-repeat outfit has been jazzed up with a bouquet of roses/greens from a wonderful local florist, while a number of rings on my fingers also showcase nature’s art.

In addition to my wedding ring with a diamond, I’m also sporting a beautiful Jade ring with two small diamonds that belonged to my twin sister. After Janice passed away from cancer two years ago, this beauty was gifted to me. As you can image, the ring has extra special meaning and I wear it often. It makes me still feel close to my twin.

On my right hand today I’m wearing just one ring, a large, stunning Baltic Amber stone in a cool silver setting. This one has been part of my daily jewelry choices recently. I like to put my favorite rings into accessory rotation. I don’t own super-expensive jewelry. But it is often rich in design. Which I do appreciate.

Truth is, this Sassy Fashionista loves a beautiful ring, especially when it’s designed by local artisans using the best gems, responsibly sourced, that Mother Nature has to offer. I like these beauties to be oversized, too.

Once again, accessories have become my go to when wearing simpler, comfortable fashion on repeat. It’s something I tend to do more of in the summer heat.

Accessories, including real flowers, are one easy way to create a cool new look with an old fashion favorite and capture some cool shots, too. Which always make the photographer in me extra happy.

How about you? Are you fan of rings? And roses, too?

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