Here’s an Important Back-to-School Tip!
As another school year gets underway, talk to your kids about joining the campaign to Stop Use of the R-Word.  
Do it as a family!  Kids (and adults!) today casually use the word ‘retard’ to put others down, with no clue as to how offensive it is to their peers with intellectual disabilities (the current terminology for this population).  
Few people realize the painful history behind use of this powerful, limiting word. Talk to your child about building others up with words (including friends), not knocking them down at another’s expense.  
Take time in your family to talk about the value of individual differences, especially in an increasingly diverse and global society.  Let your children know clearly what kind of behavior you expect from them.  This is a one of those great teachable moments.  Capture it!
Words DO hurt.

Change the conversation!

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