If you follow this Garden Moments blog, you know this is the time of year when both the garden and blog go a bit silent until spring. There really isn’t anything to report until that magic begins again.

Unless you want to see how high the snow gets!

That means today’s blog of garden holiday decorating will be the last Garden Moments post of 2023, unless I come across something extra magical that I just want to share with you in the quiet winter weeks ahead. That could happen.

The theme of this year’s garden, as in past years, is live wreaths and evergreens.

Because this is our first winter with the lovely new white fencing that we put up in the spring to curtail the deer munching on our blooms, the garland placement is especially sweet and full and lush. I just love how the green branches eloquently define this practical fencing.

So beautiful.

Plus, the lovely wreaths sweetly decorated at the hands of the wonderful tree farm employees we support each holiday season add their own style of beauty to the mix.

It’s all pretty simple, natural, fragrant, and the end result gives me garden hope as I eagerly and patiently await next year’s summer blooms. And hibernate.

Thank you, Mother Nature, for always coming through, regardless of the season.

Big holiday gratitude.

Happy Holidays to all, however you celebrate!

See you in the spring garden for more Garden Moments.

Do you love to decorate inside and out with nature’s greens, too?

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