Today is that annual event called #GivingTuesday, when people showcase their ability to be generous in word, thought and deed. Give dollars to their favorite causes, too.

In short, today is a day to highlight the best of humanity. Something of which we are sorely in need of right now.

If you are lacking for ideas or inspiration, visit www.givingtuesday,org for all kinds of greats ideas, not all of which involve giving money. I especially love the tips about giving your voice and also teaching your children about being kind and charitable.

Speaking up and raising your parenting game at a time when too much loud silence and ugliness has helped allow hate and anger to flourish is worth the effort. Collective voices raised against evil acts and injustice hold remarkable power to impact needed change.

Aren’t you tired of all the nastiness?

Try giving to others and see how such positive actions improve your world, too.

Click the link below to support my pet cause, the MSU Community Music School. Search for the Eric ‘RicStar’ Music Therapy Camp to donate, the camp of which I am co-founder. You can help financially support the work of this incredible summer music camp that provides music-therapy access to individuals of all ages with all kinds of disabilities. It honors my late son.

Life changing for all involved.

Thank you in advance for helping us continue this important work, now in its 22nd year!

Feels good to give back, doesn’t it? Or, it should.–4I14Bt2HGG28bJeEVh4HJbA2_-Y

Photo courtesy of RicStar’s Camp. All rights reserved.