Sometimes the greatest inspiration and ideas for our own yards come from visiting another garden.

Such was the case and my inspiration for this week’s Garden Moments post.

A July 4th visit to the Secret Garden behind the famed Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island turned into an exceptional holiday moment.

Stunning beauty was presented in one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen. It was filled with bold Allium, impatiens, petunias and more, most in hues of purple and reds with white accents.

A bridge in the middle of the beauty made for great photo ops. Many who unexpectedly came into contact with this garden quickly became transfixed.

“We could create this garden at home,” I enthusiastically announced to my hubby, and I believe we can, too.

I took several photos and a video so we could take a closer look at the garden design and floral choices once we returned home.

Stay tuned. This is one garden inspiration that might reappear in an upcoming Garden Moments blog.

In the meantime, enjoy some images from our magical garden visit, and if you ever travel to Mackinac Island in gorgeous Northern Michigan, be sure to check this spot out for yourself.

The Island and the Secret Garden are both well worth the visit.

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