Got a simple Sassy Fashionista post for you this week.

Just a few words.

Pink, furry, bucket hat.

It’s adorable and girly, and warm, too.

With cold weather fast approaching, what more could you hope for?

It’s also available in black, in case you’re not into an understated, Barbie-like pink.

I am.

So pretty. So feminine. So easy to wear. So soft. Can’t stop petting it.

I had to wait a bit for my order at to be filled. The hat was backordered, and my guess is it may be in limited supply and will sell out quickly.

If you want one, and can afford it, I suggest you order it now. $68.

Love the hat so much that I also ordered the pink earmuffs. They, too, are on backorder.

Sometimes, I don’t want or need my whole head to be covered, but I still want to look a bit stylish. Keep my ears warm, too. Most earmuffs fail on both counts.

Not this one!

Like the hat, they will be worth the wait.

Truth is, I’m tempted to get the black hat, too.

These Sassy Fashionista finds will help make winter more tolerable. I think…

No matter what the temp.

Are you a fan of furry hats? Bucket hats? Black or pink? Or, both?

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