As I looked to add to my fall wardrobe only those items I really need, I realized that I have lots of bottoms, but not enough warm tops, especially sweaters.

I have a love/hate relationship with sweaters.

If they are too big and bulky, they just don’t work well for me, and if they are wool, I get too hot.

Plus, any itch is a deal breaker.

So, I was truly happy to find the same great Maeve sweater that I bought at Anthropologie last year (and got loads of compliments on) in more colors and patterns for fall 2023!

If you follow this blog, you may recall a green sweater with a white pattern on it from a former blog post.

I just found the same one in a lovely lavender, and also ordered a plain black and a white one, too.

I love the soft, non-itchy fabric, and the lighter weave that still keeps you warm. I adore the boxy style and fit of this sweater, and its effortless style.

When you know something works, it makes fashion sense to buy more than one, if your budget allows. Plus, I always donate one item per new item. Share the wealth and recycle. Fashion win win.

I wore last year’s choice on repeat. So, I already know these new sweaters will work well for me, allowing me to finally check sweaters off my Sassy Fashionista fall/winter shopping list.

The sweaters are still available for $98 in five colors from Maeve at Maybe one will work for you, too. Item #84160977. I got a medium.

If an item of clothing fits you well and meets all your fashion criteria, will you buy more than one?

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