As 2024 begins, I’m taking a Sassy Fashionista look back at what I added to my closet last year. It was a year when I was both scaling down my closet and making much more thoughtful, less wasteful choices. Better quality, too.

It was hard to narrow this list down, and the items here lean more toward cold weather than summer.

Here are the five I chose in 2023 that I found especially worthy of my fashionista pick.

#1– Lavender Teddy Coat. Purchased from, this is one of my favorite items of the year. The quality and fit of the coat in a lovely pale lavender shade makes it a win. While this year’s winter has been unusually warm and lacking in snow, I have no doubt this coat will be one I enjoy for years to come.

#2– UGG Boots. I got these ankle boots from early in the fall before they sold out many places. I was sold on the great style and solid tread and cute furry trim. Easy to get on and off, too, and comfortable. Even with a milder winter, these boots have been on repeat.

#3–Black Velvet Blazer from Express. I’ve been looking for a replacement for a black blazer I lost while traveling. None quite met my standards until this one. Longer and more fitted, this choice is velvet-blazer perfection. It will be in my closet for a long time.

#4–Kate Spade Brown Crossbody Purse. When it comes to fashion, I am currently into brown shades, and this one, in a gorgeous chocolate brown, was a lucky find at T.J. Maxx. Great size. Classic look with an edge. Great price. Fashionista win.

#5–Two Silver Rings. These beautiful, handcrafted silver rings were a find at a Michigan Art Festival last summer. I love silver. I love big rings. I love supporting talented artists. These rings met all those mandates and have been on repeat ever since.

While there are several other pieces purchased that I’m also thoroughly enjoying, these five really stood out. Not only because of style, quality and price, but also because I’ve been wearing them on repeat. Which means, I didn’t waste money on impulse items that might just be sitting in my closet now.

And that is a good fashion/budget lesson to learn. One I plan to carry over into making even smarter fashion choices in 2024.

What pieces did you add to your 2023 closet that you’re loving?

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