So many people who interact with a child or adult with special needs, especially for the first time, automatically raise the pitch of their voice, talk baby talk and/or speak more loudly– or worse yet, act like they don’t even see the person?

Most of us have experienced this phenonmenon at one time or another. I usually chalk it up to a lack of experience, awareness and an overall discomfort with disability that many people still experience in 2008. So let’s educate them.

Helpful Hint: Please speak directly to individuals with special needs as you would anyone else, and unless the person (or those with them) indicates that you need to speak more loudly in order for that child or adult to hear you, tone down the volume and pitch. Never ignore them.

-and please, reserve all that really cute baby talk for babies.
Breakthrough Parenting for Children with Special Needs: Raising the Bar of Expectations