I’m proud to report that my first cover photo ever appears on this month’s November Fine Tuning, the award-winning program guide for PBS affiliate WKAR-TV at Michigan State University. The photo, at left, is from the American History Museum (Washington, D.C.) 2006 traveling exhibit entitled, “September 11, Bearing Witness to History.”

This cover holds special meaning for me because I worked in corporate development for WKAR-TV for nearly a decade, before facing one of the toughest decisions of my life: Give up a job I loved to ensure that my son had the best future possible. Hear that, Ms. Palin? For me, that was a no-choice choice, but the career decision still stings years later. I was fortunate financially to be able to make such a decision, one that richly impacted my son’s life. Plus, my new career direction as a freelance writer on special needs resulted in amazing work I could never have envisioned early on.

I was on a book/media tour and in Washington to meet with Tim Shriver at the Special Olympics headquarters and I just happened to be in the right place at the right time for this shot! I think the photo is a perfect choice for the election month issue of Fine Tuning. It’s a harsh reminder about a historical event that we should never forget, and it brings home the magnitude of what is clearly at stake as we head to the polls on Tuesday. The burn marks on the flag made it a powerful image to witness up close.

I admit that I’ve always admired the terrific photography selected each month for the covers of this outstanding monthly publication. While I’ve contributed written pieces to the magazine, a cover shot was never on my list of goals, until recently, when I renewed my interest and pursuit of photography. For me, this cover represents a full-circle moment, making it extra special.
I’m incredibly honored to join the ranks of so many amazing past Fine Tuning cover photographers. Thanks, Jeanie Croope & WKAR-TV!

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I love PBS, and so did my son. Please, support your local station, and keep this image in your mind when you VOTE on November 4th.