As I visited my late-summer garden last week, I was unexpectedly greeted by a late-summer bloomer.

A gorgeous, pink Hibiscus I’d forgotten about had exploded overnight, proudly showcasing all its garden glory. The gift of floral joy would be short-lived.

Unfortunately, it is that time of year when cooler temps dipping into the 40s can wreak seasonal havoc on any remaining tender blooms.

Just a few days after the floral birth, that became the fate of my lovely pink posies. I might have shed a little tear.

The photos below show the before and after of this plant’s short-lived gardening glory. All I can say is I’m that glad I took pictures when I did, and that I took time to marvel at all the fleeting beauty.

‘Tis the late-summer reality of Garden Moments, especially as autumn fast approaches, like needing to grab a sweater before venturing out to deadhead remaining plants.

Sultry has suddenly turned to chill.

Have you lost some beauties in your summer garden already, too?

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