This week’s Sassy Fashionista finds me having a bit more of a Casual-Monday-Fashionista moment.

Today I’m sharing my new Kohl’s weekend purchase. I am not usually a big Kohl’s shopper. I find the store a bit too full of stuff and hit or miss. But hubby likes the menswear there, so we both took advantage of a 20-percent-off coupon yesterday to grab some goods.

For me, that included these Addidas black, slim track pants and another brand’s athletic zipped top, also in black. Not sharing that here. Too boring.

I not a big Addidas fan, because in the past, the brand has felt too overhyped and overpriced to me, and the clothing has just never fit quite right. But these medium, slim-cut track pants seemed to do the trick. I love the clean black and white lines for which Addidas is well known. I also like the fact I can wear it casual or dressed up, including with heels and the right top or blazer, helping restore my Fashion Sassy.

Black and white often makes that possible. It’s sharp and clean and overall, easy to style.

I just grabbed a fisherman’s knit sweater purchased earlier in the season from Free People to quickly put on over my black tank top to take these photos. The sweater was a last-minute impulse buy that works. I find these sweaters charming, and pretty practical, too. I plan to get a lot of use out of this one, especially in the spring.

With my coupon, the pants went from $60 to $36, and I got another Kohl’s cash coupon for a future trip. It’s one of those big perks that keep people coming back. The coupon also worked for my Sephora in-Kohl’s-store lipstick purchase. An unexpected surprise and savings. Guess it pays to still check out Kohl’s, after all.

Finally, I paired the new pants and sweater with my recently purchased UGGS ankle boots from, which I shared in a previous post. I’ve been wearing them a lot in this early snowy weather. They have both style, warmth, and a killer boot tread. A saving grace in icy conditions.

That’s it! Today’s Monday-Monday style! Still a Sassy Fashionista.

I’ll dress up more on another post soon. Maybe I’ll even wear a dress!! If the snow melts.

Are you a fan of the Addidas brand?

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