After our incredible World Premiere at Cinequest Film Festival on March 8th, we are thrilled to share that our award-winning documentary, Camp RicStar, showed this past Monday at the Fargo Film Festival in Fargo, North Dakota!

While we regretfully couldn’t be present in person for that one, we were definitely there in spirit.

Thanks for having us, Fargo!!!

Next up, Central Michigan International Film Festival and the Cleveland International Film Festival!!!!

Wow! What a documentary ride we are on!!

You can take that ride with us by following along on this blog and also at, where you can find all the exciting film news updates, including where Camp RicStar will show next and where to get tickets!!!

Exciting times, indeed!! Thanks for taking part!

RicStar Magic!

Media Please Note: Camp RicStar has a Capital S in RicStar. It’s shown up wrong in a few places, and then others pick it up. Also, the camp’s full name is the Eric ‘RicStar’ Music Therapy Camp, aka RicStar’s Camp. Thanks for double checking for accuracy. Grateful.