In keeping with my latest desire to keep my fashion fairly simple, and on repeat, this week’s Sassy Fashionista is focused on the power and clean lines of black and white.

I love black and white. Yet, I realize that when getting dressed I often think I need to grab color.

Don’t get me wrong. I love color as much as the next Crayola-obsessed girl. Especially during the spring and summer when I’m running away as fast as I can from winter blahs, which often means freedom from darker shades of grey, brown and black.

But there is something incredibly fresh and clean and sophisticated about a simple black and white color palette that really appeals to me these days. For one thing, it makes getting dressed easier when you focus only on two colors that almost always go together. It’s kind of a can’t-miss combination. And it almost always looks good.

White elevates the look of black pieces, especially as we enter the brighter seasonal days of spring and summer. Love the look of this white top with black pants purchased recently from

I love the shirt so much that I got it in both white and a smokey kind of dark blue. The fit is perfect. The boat-neck collar is perfection, the extra-long sleeves that push up easily are incredibly stylish, versatile and warm, and the price at $58 was right on.

I hope they make more colors. I would buy them all.

It’s just a cute shirt. I’m not a big shirt girl because I have trouble finding ones that fit that I love. This one is both comfy and stylish.

In keeping with my recent commitment to shop more from my closet, the shirt is the only new item in this post. The rest came from my closet, including the Anthro pants and black wrap belt, the rings, and the Athleta coat purchased last fall (love!!) that I had to pull out again when temps recently took a March dive, complete with snow.


Such is spring in the Midwest. Big seasonal sigh…

The Birkies are still on duty as my injured ankle continues to heal. Soon I hope to sport them again, minus the socks. Although, I’m no longer as opposed to that look as I once was, either. Just gotta pick cute socks.

Fact is, I’m loving this fresh black and white look, and this Sassy Fashionista plans to wear more of it this summer. Minus the winter travel coat.

Lovin the shorter hair style, too!!

How about you?

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