When I post about flowers in my garden, I often highlight lavender and hydrangeas, roses and coneflowers.

But there is a plant I truly love that I don’t always indulge in, and yet, when I do, it brings me so much joy and beauty.


This year, while on a trek to get more hydrangeas at a local greenhouse, I spotted this beauty.

Full and lush and a lovely summer shade of pinkish coral. With petals so heavy they fall with a thud. At which point, I quickly scoop them up, bring them inside, photograph them and then put them in a small bowl to enjoy further.

Extended Garden Moments realized.

Can’t bear the thought of these eloquent beauties lying in the garden dirt until they wither away. They are much too majestic for such a gardening fate.

I bought this one on the spot and found a place to hang it on my porch, making sure I could see it whenever porch rocking.

It has not disappointed. I only wish Begonias could last all year long. The world would be better off for that king of lasting beauty.

Do you love Begonias and feature them in your yearly garden plans, too?

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