Don’t know about you, but when the holidays start showing up, that’s when my content focus for Garden Moments shifts from savoring sultry summer garden gifts to showcasing fun holiday garden decorating.

First up? Halloween!

Check out my new pumpkins, both real and faux. They stand ready to welcome all those little neighborhood goblins in the cutest way possible.

I want kids to feel welcome to come to my front door, not afraid.

Otherwise, I’ll end up eating all that yummy, sugary, high-caloric candy myself!

I love that sweet little day/night when innocent littles goblins go door to door in their Halloween finest, while loudly squealing and begging for free candy.

Trick or Treat!!!

I’m prepping my fav garden spots for them.

This year, my new fence and three lovable scarecrows, (one for each of my grandkids), are part of the spooky fun!


Making kids happy for at least one day of the year is worth all my effort. I’m getting in the Halloween spirt for THEM!!!

Is Halloween a holiday that has you jazzing up your outside garden space, too?

In short, are you in the goblin spirit?


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